About Us

RetroRack Global is located in Adelaide South Australia. We started out as an online import business in 2005 distributing products for the aftermarket carindustry throughout Australia.
The demand for the RHD Bolt in Steering kits in Australia began to grow and became extremely popular among car enthusiasts & professional car builders at a rapid pace. Unfortunately all the steering products that where available on the market did not ultimately meet the desired quality and engineering standards we required.
In late 2006 RetroRack begin developing a fully universal,adjustable rack and pinion steering system with a set goal to resolve all the previous problems associated with retrofitting rack and pinion steering. The aim was to design and manufacture an ultimate rack and pinion steering system for the aftermarket car industry. 
After 5 years of prototyping and testing the design was finalised.
The RetroRack system was then endurance and fatigue tested under the strictest guidelines at Bishops Steering Technology in Indianapolis, USA. This testing provided RetroRack Global the opportunity to punish the RetroRack powersteering rack and pinion and prove why the RetroRack design was far superior. RetroRack testing results, exceeded all global engineering & design standards.
The RetroRack univeral rack and pinion system made its debut at the SEMA Show in 2011, it received an overwhelming response from consumers. 
In early 2012, official manufacturing of the RetroRack power steer rack and pinion commenced. In late October 2012 RetroRack Global revisited The SEMA Show in Las Vegas & attended The PRI Show in Orlando, where the patented design known as the “RetroRack - Universal Steering System” was officially launched. 
In January 2013 official sales began globally.
RetroRack is now recognised as the “Worlds First Fully Adjustable Rack and Pinion Steering System”.
Since this time RetroRack Global have been developing and expanding the range of  bolt in kits offered for muscle cars, classic cars and late model vehicles, making RHD conversions and power steering upgrades easier and improving the vehicles steering capabilities.