What is RetroRack?
RetroRack is a Patented Rack & pinion Steering system that can be rotate 360 degrees in every component then locked into the desired location which allows the customers to clear obstacles such as starter motors , headers, chassis rails and achieve special angles that no other Rack & pinion is capable off.
Why was RetroRack designed?
After so many years of distributing Rack & pinion Steering Systems we decided to design and manufacture a product that would resolve ongoing steering rack issues, such as tight fitment and clearance. The RetroRack began development in 2007, it has taken over 5 years of research & development before it was officially released onto the world market in 2012.
What car does it fit?
RetroRack is designed to fit almost any LHD or RHD Car from the 1930s to 2005 for the custom Fabricator. The RetroRack can also be purchased as a Bolt in kit for specific models listed in the catalogue in both LHD or RHD.
What finishes are available?
RetroRack Standard Finish. Every component is highly polished then ED clear Coated which protects the finish from harsh conditions and eliminates repolishing.
RetroRack Polished & Black Anodised (additional costs / lead times apply) RetroRack Raw Machine Finish Ready for the customer to paint to the colour of choice (Available late 2013)
Why is the RetroRack patented design so unique and far superior to any other rack & pinion steering system available?
RetroRack Lifetime WarrantyThe RetroRack is unique because it is the only rack & pinion steering system in the world where every main component: The Pinion Housing, Valve Housing, Drag Link & Cylinder Barrel can be rotated 360º degrees and locked into desired position. This innovative and unique feature resolves tight fitments and mounting issues previously experience with other steering racks.
• The Center Take Off Design (CTO) RetroRack can achieve virtually zero bumpsteer by simply rotating the draglink until the ultimate geometric position is achieved.
• Full 5 Axis CNC machining of every component from high strength T6061 Billet.
• Up to 8 inches of rack travel in the shortest lightest design.
• No cast or welded components providing the ultimate in strength and safety.
• Helical cut 4140 chrome moly rack bar and
flame hardened with over a 1 inch O/A diameter.
• Every component is highly polished then ED Coated which not only provides corrosion resistance but eliminates all polishing.
• RetroRack exceeds global engineering and Australian Design Rules (ADR) standards.
• Custom ram style hydraulics on CTO models allowing any pump to be fitted.
• Lifetime Warranty.