The TCP front coil-spring suspension is a fully adjustable suspension system that utilizes the key factory mounting locations to greatly simplify installation. Our all-new, exclusive TrueCenter pivot sockets and tubular suspension components provide extremely precise control over the spindle’s travel arch with linear resistance. Suspension-geometry improvements include: lower center of gravity, higher roll center, reduced vehicle roll rate, quicker negative-camber gain, increased compression travel, reduced rebound travel to limit body roll, and correct axis and length of lower arm assembly when utilizing factory mounting positions. A brand new, Total Control exclusive, billet-aluminum, offset-pivotshaft option, enables precise relocation of the upper-control-arm pivot axis, for improved camber gain geometry without the need to drill holes, or risk of error.

Performance-Series Coil Springs Performance-Series springs offer increased performance with linear spring rate and predictable handling characteristics. A linear spring rate is preferred for high performance driving applications, but will have a stiffer, performance feel compared to OEM springs. Ride height is approximately 1" below stock height. Springs are made from high-strength alloy steel and wound on a specialized CNC spring coiler, then powder coated for a lasting, quality appearance.

VariShock Bolt-Ins, Adjustable Shocks To take full advantage of the factory mounting position, a complete custom shock absorber was developed by our sister company, VariShock. Installed height, travel, valving range and mounting configuration are built to our exact specifications, whereas other manufactures are forced to compromise with “off-the-shelf” products. Quickset 1 single-adjustable shock is standard, offering 16 settings at which both bump and rebound are adjusted simultaneously. This offers a good compromise between the ultimate tuneability of the QuickSet 2 and affordability of the QuickSet 1. Optionally available is our double-adjustable QuickSet 2, which allows individual control of vehicle separation (rebound) and settling (bump) independent of each other. This gives the ability to tune your suspension for desired ride quality or specific track conditions for ultimate performance. System uses OEM or TCP spindle (TCP SPND-01).

Front Coil Spring Suspension System - Fits 1964-73 Mustang and various Ford/Mercury models from 1960-77.
System uses OEM or TCP spindle (TCP SPND-01).

Applications: Comet 60-67, Comet 71-77, Cougar 67-73, Cyclone 64-71, Fairlane 66-71, Falcon 60-70, Maverick 70-77, Montego 68-71, Mustang 64-73, Ranchero 60-71, Torino 68-71


  • Upper and Lower Control Arms
  • Strut Rods
  • Upper and Lower Coil-over Mounts
  • Adjustable Shocks
  • lowering coil springs
  • 1/4"-thick urethane spring isolators
  • lower spring rockers
  • Mounting Hardware

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Mustang 64-73 - Front Coil Spring Suspension Kit

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