• Nova 68-74  - gStreet Coil-Over Suspension

Chassiswork's gStreet Coil-Over front suspension kit for Nova 68-74. Includes: polymer-bushed, tubular upper and lower control arms; powder-coat finish. Options: single- or optional double-adjustable VariShocks, and spindles.
Ride Height Info: Positions front crossmemeber approximately 5-1/2" (+or- 1/2") above ground with a12" Rolling radius tyre.


  • Polymer-bushed, tubular upper control Arms powder-coat finish
  • Polymer-bushed, Lower control arms; powder-coat finish.
  • Single VariShock Coil-overs with springs and spanner wrench.
  • spindles

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Nova 68-74 - gStreet Coil-Over Suspension

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