• 67-69 Camaro Bolt in Kit RHD
RetroRack have engineered a powersteering rack and pinion bolt in kit for the Chevy Camaro. This bolt in system replaces the original steering box and idler arm set up. The RetroRack is unique because it is the only rack & pinion steering system in the world where every main component: The Pinion Housing, Valve Housing, Drag Link & Cylinder Barrel can be rotated 360º degrees and locked into the desired position. This innovative and unique feature resolves tight fitments and mounting issues previously experienced with other steering racks.  Standard finish is Black 
• Full 5 Axis CNC machining of every component from high strength T6061 Billet.
• 6.5 inches of rack travel.
• No cast or welded components providing the ultimate in strength and safety.
• Helical cut 4140 chrome moly rack bar and flame hardened with over a 1 inch O/A diameter.
• Every component is ED Coated which providing corrosion resistance and requires no polishing.
• RetroRack exceeds global engineering and Australian Design Rules (ADR) standards.
•Limited Lifetime Warranty.
The CSS - Conventional Short Series is a traditional design, therefore it has no draglink. This steering design, pulls the steering from each end instead of the center like the CTO.
This design is perfect for vehicle fitments which have a ball centre that match the RetroRack dimensions located on page 66.
The CSS is limited to fitments in some vehicles as the ball centre is fixed unlike the CTO which has an adjustable ball centre design.
CSS Conventional Short Series (End Take off Design has 6 ½ inches of rack travel.
Features of the Bolt in Kit:
Full Billet CNC including the Cylinder Barrel, Pinion Housing & Valve Housing with NO castings or welded components.
Natural machine finish on all bolt in kits.
All Bolt in Kits come with detailed Installation Instructions
Matching RetroRack Custom Steering Columns (RHD) available 

Please Note this is a NON OEM Column fit -Column Modification required

Whats included in the Bolt in Kit:

  • RetroRack power steering rack
  • RetroRack Mounting Bracket
  • Forged steering arms
  • Polished Tie Rods
  • Control arm bolt spacers
  • 11/16 36 Spline x 3/4 DD ( pinion End) Universal
  • 3/4 DD x 3/4 DD PS ( Column end) Universal
  • 3/4 Stainless Steel steering shaft 22" long
  • Bolts, Spring washers and Nylock nuts to mount the kit


67-69 Camaro Bolt in Kit RHD

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